Feedback on rejected track


Could someone please help me with my track? It just got rejected on AudioJungle, and I won’t be able to resubmit it. It also got rejected on Pond5 on the grounds of it being “too generic” (that actually was what I was shooting for).

Is the track salvageable? Or is the track inherently bad?

Thankful for any input

The arrangement itself is fine but the sound selection to my ear sounds a bit cheesy/dated. I would experiment with different pad/bass sounds and remove that slamming piano sound…maybe try something else and take out the main melody pluck for that section because it is repetitive.


Nice work!

Sure it’s salvageable, and it’s mostly just the instruments as press-play mentioned. I would also suggest modulating once in a while, maybe to d minor, just to add some interest. This track will sound very good with the right instruments!


Thank you both for the feedback! I’m going to experiment, but so far I only have this vision in my head. Could you give me some additional pointers? Like if there is some instrument that really needs to get cut?

So far, I’m probably cutting the pad from 0:35, and I’m going to re-record the pluck with a real guitar.

You need to make more alive mix and in your face / modern. Also that spiccato synth that plays throughout, is pretty weird-sounding like it has weird eqing in mids etc and pretty dead center. Many many sounds are so much louder than other, like the piano, and some reverse cymbals fx and that gated synth at 1:40 (tooooo loud). Also the ending is sudden, it stops suddenly. You need to make a well balanced levels , stereo and try to do a cohesive flatter mix