Feedback on rejected track

Hi, everyone. I have a rejected track and don’t know what to change. I had some rejected tracks before and they seem to have many humming drums and in generally problems with mixing. In this track i tried to compress percussion a bit not to have overload(using glue-compressor). Need to some feedback. Thank you in advance!

Hello! I’ll write a little that I immediately heard.

  1. Not enough work with expression (in places of decline, the sound does not change). This is especially audible on violins and piano.
  2. Space placement and processing (equalization and reverb) needs to be improved. Sounds do not merge harmoniously.
  3. Panning is also not good enough.
  4. Some violin VST libraries lag behind the rhythm and need to edit midi parts.
  5. The piano sounds mechanically.
    Advisable to make the arrangement more diverse or shorten the length of the track. The selection of libraries is also important. Not everything sounds great.
    I think after the necessary refinement, the track may sound as it should.