Feedback on Rejected track - first time submission

Hi All,

I submitted my track to Audiojungle and got rejected based on quality. I’ve tried retooling the track and got rejected again. I don’t know why it was rejected though, was it the production, the mix, the arrangement etc. Any of your help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

any help on this would be much appreciated as I am a bit stuck!

your track sounds like it would be licenced very rarely, very specific for specific footage, its not bad but I think it would have not much sales. you must do more commercial use tracks

Thanks Pandocrator, your advice is much appreciated.


Hi. Hmm. I’m guessing it’s an arrangement issue. For me the build at the end should have come sooner. This is subjective stuff. You show some good creativity and I love the mood you set. Don’t beat yourself up about the rejection. It’s hard not to take it personal…these are our babies, right? Start a new song, keep at it and each time you’ll learn something and get better and better at it. You’re talented!

Thanks so much for the constructive feedback Applehillstudios, that’s really appreciated! It’s great to understand the reasons for rejection so I can plough on. Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my track and respond.


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