Feedback on rejected theme needed


My name is Stelian and I work as a junior front-end developer for a small company. My assignment is to try to develop themes to be submitted in themeforest. But my problem is that until now I was unable to develop one and to get it accepted.

I worked really hard for the last template, but it got rejected without any kind of message, not even an automated one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s a reason why it got rejected, it’s just that I would love to know it, so I would know what to learn next, what I could do to improve my templates, maybe my next one would get accepted. But I did not get any kind of message to let my know what was wrong.

Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do better?

You can see the demo for the theme that was rejected here:

The documentation is here:

The description was this one:

And finally the main file that was uploaded is: [Removed for security]

I would love to get some feedback from you,
Thank you

You should try to select quality images for your item otherwise it gives a bad impression ( bad design ). There are multiple sites where you can get them( eg: unsplash, pixbay, pexel and more others), try not to use watermaked images like in “Upcoming Events” section.

Work on spacing between elements because right now either you don’t have them at all or are not equivalent. When you create buttons from anchor or any other display inline elements you should make them either display: block, or inline-block otherwise they don’t take up space and breaks the layout ( Check on Join Today button, try to set to display: inline-block; and you will see how it changes the whole section. ).

On “Upcoming Events” section the articles content is not aligned properly, look at the title what space it has above and below - this is not good it should be the same, and the title is too close to the images and leave a poor impression on design quality.

Choose a better color combination, the shadow on testimonials you need to work more on it.

“Latest Causes” - navigation the hover state is bad on mobile you won’t event be able to click it properly.

Try to use better fonts you have a lot of options in Google Fonts repository.

In the end work on: Images, Colors, Fonts

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

One quick note about the pics: most of them are from pixabay, the watermarked ones from PhotoDune are used because I read that for images with peoples’ faces I need either a signed model release or to use watermarked pictures from the Envato network.

Anyway, the pictures are not included in the package that was uploaded, and this was stated in the description (it’s not in this txt file showed here, but I added a sentence at the end just for this).