feedback on quality before submitting

I would truly welcome some feedback before presenting this track, I have had such huge numbers of tracks rejected in the previous couple of months and truly don’t know why. I took a stab at utilizing the template for the few accepted tracks so it sounds the same yet that does not help.

Additionally, I reviewed the submission guidelines and was thinking about whether its obligatory to submit wav documents and furthermore, are we required to add distinct versions of a track in the zip like ‘‘short versions’’ or no percussion version . I simply needed to guarantee that everything is sorted out before submitting the tracks.
Also would we be able to utilize an alternate title of a track for the AJ site just so its simple to search for the track.

Will truly value some input on the quality, composition and submitting guidelines. Thanks.

Hello @BrainchildMusic!

  1. I do not hear the commercial standard of music (this is very much heard indistinctly, or not quite clearly) Very turbid. (mixing, and location of instruments, they are not readable in the mix)
  2. There are croaking (above 0 decibel) - overload.
  3. Check the top tracks in the same category.
    Good Luck!

I guess @CleanMagicAudio is right. There’s a lot of noise in the sound when all the instruments are playing together, also unusual melody to my ears. Mix, master, location of instruments also sound strange. You can check top tracks in that category, but that does not mean you should copy them. :smiley:


Thanks a lot for the feedback, i guess listening to the muddiness repeatedly makes it sound good to my ears and don’t realize when am off, Great input, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback