Feedback On my track before submitting.



Just thought if anyone had some time, and wouldn’t mind taking a listen to this track of mine before I submit it, and giving any type of feedback about it that would be amazing and greatly appreciated!
this is the link :smile:


Hi, @StevenScottJR! I think quality of your mix isn’t enough for AudioJungle. But of track is cool. I think if you mix at better it can be accepted. I hope it help you. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes i agree with @LuckyBlackCat. Your idea is good. but it need more improvements for better quality. The second thing is your timing.Maybe i’m wrong but i think you need to quantize the midi?
Anyway, you track have a good good idea to start. Fight.


Thanks LuckyBlackCat for taking the time to respond, yeah the quality needs to be worked on, and tightened up alot, plu needs more reworking. Back to the studio on this one! :smile:


Hi LongXmusic, thanks for your feedback, yeah maybe I put too much humanize on the plugin, I hear the fluctuations in rhythm now. Yeah definitely needs to be tightened up. Thanks!