Feedback on HTML template

Dear all
Can you plz help me review this template and tell me why it got hard rejected, I spent more than 45 days designing and developing this template and I don’t know why I got rejected
it’s mainly landing page for app and software etc.
Thank you

Your project is really beautiful. Yeah, we’re giving our time. But, unfortunately, not everything is going on here. I think you need to do styling. It looks like you used direct bootstrap components. You can improve space alignment and styling by studying other projects at Themeforest.
Best regards…

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With respect you are a long way off the standards for here.

  • Concept is very overdone with a ton of freebie alternatives available online, so anything new will require significantly unique features and functionality

  • There are fundamental issues throughout with design basics like typography, spacing, consistency, hierarchy and styling

  • Mobile optimisation needs a lot of work especially the removal of all the animations

  • Page scroll especially on mobile is not right

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Hi, Your Template not Themeforest design standards. 100% Hard Rejected.