Feedback on header navigation

Hi there,

I am putting together a header section of a new website and looking for some feedback.

These are the ideas I have:

I am wondering what people think of the color, CTA, spacing, alignment etc. Which do you prefer?

How could I improve?

Any feedback would be great, thanks!

I think colors are good, not sure about Themeforest standards, but I like it. The first and second look better, but there are too many space in top header on the left side, that’s why I will choose the third one. But why the main page links and logo are not aligned vertically to the middle in the third example?


If it is to be presented in TF. I’m afraid it’s not ready and you need a lot of improvements regarding spacing and especially color.

If it’s for your own site you can use any one, but try to improve the color, it’s really a bit annoying for me, maybe if you try to improve the contrast it would be better.

Best regards

Thanks for the feedback.

It will be for a personal project.

Is the feedback regarding it not making theme forest standards because there is too much space on the left? I am thinking of adding some text/ links here although that is not because of theme forest.

Yes the spacing is out which I will tidy up, but apart from the vertical alignment and the top links in the third, what else can I do to improve spacing?

Is the green too bright?

With the first one, I’m not sure whether to have the green go right the way to the left edge or stop it where the yellow button ends.


You can add social icons on the left side or mail or phone number. Not sure about where green color should starts and ends.
Honestly it’s hard to tell without any content is it good or bad. You should firstly create a content then start to think about header and footer. You have a lot of colors I can’t imagine how you will use them for your content.

Do you think I should drop the yellow and have the CTAs in the blue or green?