Feedback on Hard Rejection of a File Sharing & Hosting Platform

Less than 12 hours ago I submitted our Multi-Server File Sharing & Hosting Platform on Codecanyon, just a while ago to discover that it was hard rejected with as much explanation as “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.

You can visit it at
Password: passdemo

At the start of our project we emphasized the quality of our product, we even found that frameworks like Laravel to not be at the quality standards so we built our own MVC framework from scratch with controllers, models, views, separating the Ui from widgets and so on.

We have even looked at our competition’s code for better improving ours and exceeding all expectations, we have deployed many more features such as multi servers, zip downloads, download speed limit, etc… However the news of a hard rejection in less than 12 hours for not being at the right quality was more of a shock to us, because we find it even unlikely the review team even bothered with looking into the code.

We were discussing the reasons for such rejection but we found no other reason than because we are Iraqis, our product surpasses the competition.

However we will be delighted to get some more insight into why we have been hard rejected so that we might examine our short comings and improve our understanding for future products.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you all.


It’s a free service that could be found everywhere - apart from that, you can just use WordPress and password protected files to achieve the same thing, no point to purchase a software for this.

Are you saying there is an abundance of File Sharing & Hosting PHP scripts ready to buy and deploy?
If you look at Codecanyon’s PHP\Loaders & Uploaders category you will see very few with not as many features, that was where we started we wanted to make something uncommon and make it the best out there.

And Wordpress cannot do the same even with plugins what our product offers of features and performance, the issue is not that there’s few other scripts that could perform partially in a similar way.

However I do appreciate your feedback, thanks!

My point is, “sharing the file” idea is not a popular one among the free ones ( Google Drive, Dropbox, etc ) and it’d cost more money to keep the hosting available.

Apart from those, the design is unfinished and lack of the details but the main point is the general purpose of the item is not good enough to be sold as template

I get your point, if people thought about competing with the big brands like Google before publishing on Codecanyon there would be no scripts and no Codecanyon in my opinion.

Every product on Codecanyon be it file sharing, ecommerce (Shopify), CRM, etc… all can be surpassed by other products not on Codecanyon.

Also my product is not a mere file sharing you can download a plugin for wordpress and work the same, there are many features that are also in Admin Panel that i have not listed, you are only looking at the front end of it.

And if there is few short comings in the front end design i think they can be addressed easily.

PS: Take no offense from me, but you should really stop thinking it is a good idea (or possible) to make Wordpress do everything :wink:

I do like site’s design especially the user files design however the landing page might do little bit of work.
Also if you have your item published a second time after hard reject it i think gets auto rejected.
I wish you good luck with your product.


Hello well done - but here is my opinion - Tested on Firefox PC

  1. Looks okay on first checking BUT these are the issues I found -

  2. No SSL on your demo site - people do not want to see this:

  1. I created a new folder Test1-28-09-23 and then tried to upload a file but no upload option happened:


Clearly something is not working right.

On the basis of where you are from this point you say about being Iraqis is short-sighted and I doubt if this is a personal reason why your script was rejected. There is no racism in the Envato marketplace, so your origins have no bearing on the rejection.

On the whole the script might be reasonably okay, but file sharing scripts are on the marketplace already, and as @ki-themes has said there are plenty of those available free of charge. Additionally, in your demo account you had a 1GB allowance - can you imagine having 1000 users, 10,000 users? The average buyer would not have those sort of resources.

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Hello @123Simples and thank you very much for your feedback,

We have some server side issues with our demo, we are working to make SSL connection for users as fast as possible. And also the upload works fine that is because you have not selected any files to upload, you either drop your files or click on “Choose” to choose your files from your system.

I am glad to hear that the cause of the rejection is more of a technical issue than other ways.

I understand that you see this as impractical, however we have many storage options that people can add or get for free from other services. Also users can buy storage for monthly fee.

You can have simultaneous storages all storing files at the same time, for example you can add as many servers and local storages connected to them, or as many ftp, wasabi storages. Currently we provide storages: Local, FTP, Wasabi, and more are on the way. Also 1 TB of wasabi is only 7$, you can have as much as 1000 non pro users (we also support ads inside) and only paying 7$.

Regarding the fact that there are many other such services available online, we still have many features that makes our product superior in terms of service.

PS: We have plugins for this product that we were wishing to publish just after our main product, however we are stuck with not much clue why we been rejected. There are also many other features our product provide that is not shown fully in the demo.

Some of our plugins: Google Drive Connect, Zip Viewer, few more.