Feedback on hard rejected track?

Not sure why my tracks got rejected. Actually every single one of the tracks I uploaded got rejected and I’m sort of confused that not even one slipped in through the cracks out of like 10. Open to suggestions on this one…

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Hey, your track has a really cool vibe. Obviously I can’t know why they rejected it but to me it sounds like a lot of instruments are fighting each other in the mix. Some frequency carving in the bass/drums as well as playing with volumes could make it a lot better.

You pretty much have to get them to like it at first listen - and at first listen it is kind of jumbled together. You probably want us focused on the lead instrument at the start but the drums and bass are so big that the lead almost becomes secondary, even though it’s playing the melody.

Anyways, just my 2 cents. I’d love to hear this if you keep working on the mix - I really like the vibe.

“sounds like a lot of instruments are fighting each other in the mix.” Thats it what i think too

People are asleep so can’t comment on the mix.

I’d maybe turn this into a straight reggae track and re-upload it but ditch the horns/brass or at least go with a lighter brass and create a catchier melody. The current brass melodies are boring and the harshness of the sound throws off the laid-back vibe. I like the track though up until the brass comes in.