Feedback on hard-rejected theme. Please guide.

I recently submitted WordPress theme but it got hard-rejected. I’d love to know your views on it.

Demo Link :

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



your w3c is wrong for so rejected your themes but your themes is good idea :slight_smile: regards.

Thanks for the feedback. But i don’t think the theme would be hard-rejected for not using alt in imgs…
Any other feedback is welcome.

Thanks again.

You will get a soft-rejection at least

Yea, that’s what I thought. Soft Rejection was expected.

Any other feedback about the theme?

too much basic design

Alright. Thanks for the feedback. Anything else to be improved?

hi @yasirzia, with all my due respects i don’t think the theme is ready for themeforest yet . but it’s not the end of the road …
this some tips that i recommand you in order to get your first item into the market:
1)- don’t start with wordpress directely . Start building a PSD design and try to submit it … if it got approved convert it then to HTML or wordpress and probably you will not be approved from the first time or even the second … if you have a Soft reject then post it here in the forums and we will help you to fix the bugs…(or you can contact me directely if you need help…)
2)- try to read about typography - visual heirachy and the basics of design…(i highly recommand Tutsplus website it will help you to have a srong background on web design …
3)- learn how to choose a right color pallete . There are alot of websites that help you to choose colors (flatuicolor - color.adobe …)
4)- envato provides every month a free items go and grab from themeforest and download it and study it and know how the codes are written…
5)- advice for Wordpress category: i’m not a good wordpress developer and i don’t have WP items but here is the thing; your codes needs to be clear and well commented , use wp_enque_* functions , don’t use any PHP snippet… ,
for more in formations please check out WP themes submission requirements

Thanks for the awesome feedback.

  1. I am not a designer, so i directly tried making the theme, which may be an issue. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. I’ll definitely work on that.
  3. Color palette was inspired by the Google’s Material Design. May be i can improve there also.
  4. I studied quite a bit of them. Will dive again to see what’s missing.
  5. Code was very clear and well commented and Themecheck was used and it passed 100% with some exceptions for TGMPA.

Thanks for taking your time and giving this feedback. Much Appreciated.

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The feedback from other users was very polite. Pardon me but I will be harsh: this design is horrible. It is clear that you are not a designer so my advice will be to find one. Even if you worked on your design skills and somehow pushed it to the ThemeForest (since design requirements are set way too low recently), you won’t sell. Marked changed a LOT over the last couple of years. If you are serious about making some money here, find a design partner.

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe it’s just what I needed to hear :slight_smile:
I’ll try to improve and also find a partner.
Given that you have such an awesome portfolio, your experience is always helpful for us. Thanks for taking out your time.
As long as I’m learning from it, every feedback is greatly appreciated.

hi the aside seems broken

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May i know the device and the resolution you are using?

Budy have you seen other themes on the themeforest?
please dont take it private but this is really far away from the premium look and feel,

You dont need any feedback, you need to check your competitors and see their products and quality

I realised that my features and home pages were far less then the multipurpose themes out there. May be that’s why my theme was rejected. So now I’m working on a niche specific theme with more features and demo.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Always appreciated.