Feedback on hard rejected pizzicato track?

as I’m still learning, I like to try all sorts of genres. I’d like to know your opinion on this hard rejected track for pizzicato strings:
Thanks very much!

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About the mix, maybe too much reverb.

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Thank you very much! That sounds like it’s not to big of a problem? I noticed that I could have put on a little more compression to make it louder?

I like the composition but I fell that just pizzicato instruments make the track to poor, I would add some percussion and maybe some sustained strings or maybe a piano
hope it will be helpful

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Hi - I just listened to your track and I really like the composition and sound. It has a lot of potential if you would allow me to play with it for a day or so. If you want you can send me a midifile and the wav file to It is your track and I would not claim any monetary benefits from it. I am having a break from my stuff for a couple of days.


Thank you very much! Listening to it now, I noticed that the instrumentation indeed sounds a little boring. This helped me a lot!