Feedback on Hard Reject for GoPro Telemetry overlays

Hi guys,

I just got my first AE template hard rejected for “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” (and the rest of the common copy and paste).

My template offers something quite uncommon: it creates automated gauges, data visualization, for GoPro videos (speed, gps path, g forces, rotation, altitude…). I’m afraid the reviewers might not have understood how to use the template or what its point is.

Here’s the preview video

And here’s the tutorial (unfortunately I could not include it in the submission, as I wanted the template online for tomorrow’s launch of the GoPro 8 and I just recorded the tut yesterday, but I did include PDF documentation).

I know what I’m offering is quite niche, but doesn’t its uniqueness make it special? Since the email tells me not to resubmit, I’m not sure how to proceed. Is it worth making changes to the template and giving it a new name? Changes in what direction? Should I contact them in order to get human feedback?


Hi. I didn´t know that GoPro videos save telemetry data, if i understood ok. So your project takes all that telemetry data and convert it into animated graphics? Wow!! I really don´t know if there´s anything like that here, maybe there is but I just don´t know. Your idea is great but perhaps the reason for rejection was that the quality of telemetry graphics is a bit basic about design and animation, if you take into consideration the very elaborated and used HUD style nowadays. You can´t resubmit if you make small changes to your project, but if you make really significant changes that makes it look almost like a completely different project you can then resubmit. Your item looks very original to me about the idea and concept, but maybe needs improvement about graphics and motion.
Maybe more like this example used in Formula One onboard:


Yes, that’s pretty much it.

The basic aesthetic is intentional, for a couple reasons:

  1. This is the first AE template that has this functionality, so I didn’t want it to be visually opinionated (futuristic? retro? realistic?), but neutral, clean. A skilled editor can modify it towards the style they want, but the main selling point, what gives it value, is it being able to interpret and display real GoPro telemetry.
  2. I don’t like those futuristic designs, I find them tacky, so I do not feel like selling something I would not buy.

I sell video stock on other platforms. I once tried to upload my best selling clips here in VideoHive and they got rejected. They sell well because they are rare, unique, but it would seem the reviewers here are unable to tolerate anything that deviates from the mean (which in my case is what sells best).

I’ll see how this template performs on other markets and my website, and then decide if it’s worth spending time creating a sci-fi themed version or something :slight_smile:

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Reporting back after a month and a half. The good news is that the template is selling pretty well on my website. Could it be selling better on VideoHive? Maybe, but then I’d have to share the revenue, so not sure I’ve lost anything.

I went on and created a new similar one for DJI Drones (Mavic, Phantom and so on), but will probably not even try submitting it. What do you guys think?

I think the functionality is quite appealing, what the first item got rejected was the aesthetics and I guess this will happen to the second one as well.
I agree that this can and will be useful for buyers looking for this, I can only imagine that videohive reviewers have a strict guideline of visual quality they need to ask for - independent of functionality.

So if you want to get on videohive with this, I guess you have to include a second, more advanced visual look to choose from, even if that may be biased towards a certain style (like futuristic).

However, I think this kind of item does have a good place in the After Effects add ons section. Maybe you can submit it to that category?

BTW, just out of curiosity, if you say the item sells pretty well on your website, are we talking about single digit, double digit, triple digit sales here? Just if you like to share that info.

The second one only got soft rejected for a problem in the description. Let’s hope it ends up getting through and I can compare sales. Then decide if it’s worth theming the templates.

By pretty good I meant 5-6 sales in the first month