Feedback on composition, 'Ocean'

Feedback, please. Thanks!

Hi Charley

Nice composition!

Here’s a few things I’d look at:

  • the strings sound very synthy. Try to use more expressive realistic samples, this might just be a case of selecting another sample within a keyswitch instrument you’re already using, e.g. the “fast lyrical” or “fast exp” patch.
  • on all instruments, ensure you’re varying velocity, expression, and (if modifiable in your sample library) modulation. This all contributes to more “human” sounding performance.
  • use a more pronounced reverb - putting the instruments in a larger space can “cover up” the fact they’re sampled (however you should get the samples to sound as realistic as possible before doing this).
  • use different reverb levels (and preferably slightly different spaces/tail lengths) for each instrument, to vary their “depth” in terms of space, or at least on each FAMILY of instruments - brass should have more reverb (back of room), strings less (front of orchestra). This helps create separation and adds realism.

Hope that helps!

Nice! Thanks, SonoFluxus! I really appreciate it.

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