Feedback on Angular template

Hi @all,

few days ago I submitted my Angular template to ThemeForest, but it got rejected with the reason: “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.

I honestly want to improve the template, but the given feedback is not helping me. This is why I would really appreciate if you have a look and send me some points to improve.

The template preview can be found here:

Kind regards

From a technical point of view it’s all right maybe. I think the reason it got rejected is the lack of content. Most of the Dashboard/Admin Templates have at least several “app” pages - chat, messaging, taskboard, etc. Your template doesn’t demonstrate any specific use case - it’s just a collection of components. You basically have a single dashboard view, the standard auth pages, error pages and so on using the material design guidelines.
If I am a user looking for a quick dashboard template that I can modify to suit my specific needs, this will need a lot of work, or in other words - it’s not a complete template.

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