Feedback on 3 tracks hard rejected

Can anyone offer me some feedback on these tracks and why they might have got rejected. Thanks.

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Your tracks must be approved one by one first, and then You can upload a pack. Packs can contain only tracks that are already in your portfolio.

I uploaded them as 3 separate tracks in zip files. I’m just posting all 3 here as they are 3 different styles and were all hard rejected. Wanted to get some feedback on how I can try to get a track approved.

what are you using for the piano on the third track? I liked the track, but did not like that piano sound. A better piano would help a ton.

I used the Galaxy Vintage D piano. But I think maybe the reverb wasn’t right and there was too much of it. Do you not like the other two tracks at all? Maybe they’re just a bit crap. I didn’t really eq them much, just balance.

Hey @HedgehogMusic!

I liked the idea of the second track (Michael Cretu’ s kind of style) but it needs to be more chiseled. As it stands now it’s more like a rough mix and not yet ready for AJ. The drums are too loud and dry and take pretty much all the space in the song; I’m not sure the vocal sample fits quite well in here, it doesn’t make much sense. You should work more on structure, mixing and mastering and ask yourself (this is what I ask myself too regarding my tracks) : would I pay 20 dollars for this track? :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Hi Marian, thanks for the advice. I think maybe if I’d spent more time mixing that track it might have been accepted maybe, The vocal sample is kind of redundant I suppose. I think I might start using reference tracks when mixing as well, as I don’t usually do that.

For me first is kinda 50/50 accepted/rejected. Second one prob will get accepted, and the last one like 99% will be rejected. But they are all kinda nice in one way or another. Wanna hear why? Anyway ff you get some doubts about vocals just make 2 versions with and without and you will be a bit safer. Luck on ya!

Hi FireLast, they all have already been rejected. I’m gonna work on the mixes and resubmit. But I wonder if I didn’t do the zip file right. I just put the main track 44.4 16bit wav file and a 320 mp3 in it. Should I maybe do different versions?

Just deal with main mixes, try to make some instrumentals at first then work out other version, vocals and other complicated stuff. Try to go simple here if you have problems with accepting. You did archive it right, i guess, if no its just a soft rejection. Consider everything what people said about your tracks and brings remixes here, we’ll try to figure it out, atleast i will try.