Feedback of a cinematic track before queue

Hi, I worked a lot on that track and I would like to know your opinion about it before to upload it in queue. What do you think about the structure? Is it loud enough (I don’t want a flat, distorted, lifeless master)? Does it have too much dynamics between softer and louder passages? Too much sub (I want power)? Enough reverb (I want it in the face enough)?

Thank you in advance for your opinion!


The link don’t work? It don’t work on soundcloud if it’s in private? I put it public now. Does it work?

:+1: Works a treat now

Nice picture! :grin:

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Ok thank you but more details about it? :slight_smile:

Nice track too. I’m not near any kind of decent speakers at the moment, but it sounds great on my laptop speakers. It’s a great composition at the very least. Perhaps others can comment on the production.

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