Feedback needed on track please?


I have finished a new track but need some feedback please. I want to get this right after a recent hard reject.

I am not sure if the drum track fits, I have tried a couple of other ideas but to no avail.
Maybe something completely different?
Any other advice would help please.

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Hi here !)
1 introduction mixed with the main theme (that is very not clear)
2 Yes , the drums are too Intrusive , and not mixed !)
3 no, culminating moment , ‘Monotonous’ )
Cheers !)

I think it is too repetitive, you need to work on arrangement more and mix is not well. Also you should try other drum library. This is only my opinion.


Ok, thanks for the feedback… back to work I think.

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Hey MM!

In addition to what the other’s have said, you definitely need either a better string library or to take them out. They sound way to fake as it is.

Good luck!

I’m using the ones that come with Logic Pro X (EXS Sampler).

Hi :slight_smile:
Good work but I think that the drum part is too soft… Or too quiet. But it’s just my homble opinion :slight_smile:

All opinions welcome. Yep, the drums are the first place to start. If fact I’m re-writing most of it after leaving it for a few days and returning for another listen.
It’s always worth letting a track rest and resist uploading straight away as over enthusiasm for getting a track reviewed isn’t always a good thing.

Hi, I think everything is fine, but the drums should be allocated brighter and more … when they enter this place as the allocate, the impression that they are “a mouse” quietly appeared …

I’ve just got around to producing a second mix, if anyone would like to compare… :slight_smile:

better or worse?