Feedback needed on new track please?

Hi All,

Could I request some feedback on a new track pleaseā€¦ to hopefully avoid another hard reject!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, nice melody. The HiHats starting at 20s are sounding very harsh to me. You could change them to a softer sounding. Maybe a shaker would fit better.

Thanks for the feedback.

I left it sit for a day and had another listen where I noticed several issues, one being the HiHatsā€¦ which I have softened.

Hi, mechanism-music! I think this track is repetitiveā€¦

Hi Audioglow,

Thanks for the feedback.

Iā€™ve just put a new link in my original post to the slightly remixed trackā€¦
Iā€™ve just uploaded it for review but that was a slight concern regarding repetitiveness.
Not sure if itā€™s worth deleting and adding something more now? mmm

I like part after 1.13, but you can make shorter the part before and leave the half