Feedback needed (Hard rejected)

Hi guys,

Few weeks ago i have submitted two tracks on Audiojungle.Those tracks had been hard rejected without any clear reason to me.

Can you help me guys,to understand what the problem can be with those song ?

Magic Forest

Hotel Jaipur

Thanks guys,


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Hello, @letempleduson! I listened your tracks. They rejected because they are very far of ambient music that sells here. Try to listen examples of ambient music at AudioJungle to understand trends. Good luck!

Thank you for your response

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Sounds good. But don’t put your faith in envato, videohive or any of these platforms here. They aren’t for the consumer that would purchase it. They are for themselves. What they seems to fit for them which is cookie cutter same old everyday stuff… nothing exciting here anymore. No wow factor any longer. Listen to Mauro Collangelo for any inspiration. Good stuff though

Thanks for your feedback, i get that, i just sent an e mail to erase my account. I don’t really like their work methods.I think a hard rejection is way too much in this case.Goodbye Envato.