Feedback needed! Are these tracks ready for submission?

I would really appreciate if someone can help out, if these tracks are ready for submission!

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Hi there,

Great job!

For the first track, for some reason the Major 7 catches me off guard, you might want to include B in the initial chord. Also the string lead is probably going to get you a rejection because of the articulation, it needs to be more legato and flowy, and the sample itself stands out from the rest.

The palm muted guitar seems too loud and present in the second one, that is a background part so it should probably have softer transients and fall in behind the lead. Try and keep in mind which instruments are the primary riffs and bring those out front, and put the supporting stuff behind it.

Still, you have a great ear and did a great job, good luck!

  • nathan

Thank you so much for your response. I will definitely look into the things you mentioned.

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Hey! Cant say anything particular, not my genre at all, to be honest. Seems nice) Just wanted to say that you better put AJ watermark on your public tracks that you are plannng to submit, for obvious reasons.
You can get info and the watermark here:

Take care!

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Yes I will do that before submitting. Thanks!

I’m not sure how many more of the “palm muted guitar with dotted eighth delay” tracks audio jungle is going to allowing. They definitely are popular, even Apple has used similar music but at a certain point they probably have a thousand cymbal swell intros into palm muted guitar tracks, it’s likely going to be saturated soon.

I get it, but I am sort of new to AudioJungle, still trying to figure out some tones which are going to be commercially viable for AudioJungle, so I don’t really have a lot of VST’s which might make it commercially viable. But not sure if I am thinking right, if it’s about the tones/instruments used or they will accept anything which goes well with multiple video content, and ofcourse the mix needs to be good. (for commercial viability)

They are pretty strict about what they let through. It’s a combination of sound quality and also how popular the genre is. I’ve found that any tracks I submit that are edgy rock-based are really tricky to get accepted. There just isn’t as much need for aggressive guitar tracks than there is for smooth background music.

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