Feedback my first Idea serious .PSD (NO COPY OTHER WEBSITE)

Hi to all:

I hope your like my .psd for feedback for submit my sell themeforest :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Next I make more (about, etc)


P.S: If you not trust me I make my idea this website please search other designs website and link here posts :slight_smile:


Hello The PSD is creative and high asthestics too.
What to improve :

Projects section-
Add main categories in center like Project for Which ? i.e. Web, Android, iOS or Construction, Architect, Planning etcโ€ฆ It like filter the project in categories wise. You forgot to mention it above projects lists.

Pricing table -
In pricing table - Highlighted pricing โ€œProfessionalโ€ with yellow color is not eye attractive. So my suggesion is Put the title in As it is yellow color with 1 opecity and amount background color in Dark blue which you used in another side pricing panel button.

Video Section :
The button icon is not upto the center on circle.

Client section -
put the list of client in slider view. It looks better then this.

Contact section -
The text field is not upto the mark. Put top-bottom padding so it looks like seperate from others and put placeholder in Uppercase letter.

For more improvement add Blog, Twitter sections for addons
Make PSD in 3 different versions like -
For Desktop, For Tablet, For mobile devices. It make sense to Buyers for how it look likes in all devices and it also help to approval of your PSD at Envato.


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Many thanks Now I fix and update here any moment :slight_smile:

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@phoenixcoded I forgot question:

Do I can make one page .psd each desktop and mobile? or all section? (sorry my bad english I hope you understand me)

Make PSD in one page design [including all the section] for each Desktop, Tablet, Mobile seperatly.
If you are going to develop About us/ Blog pages seperatly then make those pages PSD also in 3 versions.
Thantโ€™s it.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:Now yes I understand you.


Hi again:

I upldate my homepage only .psd but not finish my .psd because I need more sections.

Thanks for @phoenixcoded for feedback my design, I happy my design is better that before :smiley:

My Demos:


Overall Typography needs to be improved.

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@Muse-Master Need justify typography?

Sorry I wrong my typography without justify but again I add my typography justify :slight_smile:

Updates again:

typography = font selection, text colors, text sizes, text alignment, spacing (line hight) and more.
visual hierarchy

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Thanks I fix it :slight_smile:

Do you have skype? you want speak with me for skype for help me fix better my design thanks.

for @Muse-Master

Sorry - i dont speek english i can read and write :slight_smile:

Try googling about them and check the newly popular themes & templates

What is your language? I speak only spanish :slight_smile:

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Learn More about the typography, visual hierarchy, free templates vs premium templates.

you need to some basic fixes here

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Many thanksssssssss @Muse-Master but I wrong add center some titles and texts etc sorry I understand :slight_smile: I love as author :smiley:

Now I can see other design themeforest but NO COPY DESIGNS