Feedback Item Rejected

Hi, can you give me a feedback on this item? It was rejected because not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle.

Hearing many songs uploaded on the site I can’t understand what’s wrong with this, some sound much worse than mine, both for the audio quality and for the quality of the composition.

If i improve the sound after your feedback could i try to re-upload it?

Best Regards

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Link does not work.

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check now, if i click work!

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Yes it works. I will not have time to write. If no one writes, then tomorrow I will definitely try to answer.

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Hello! No one answered …
Okay. Start over.

  1. The Pluck from which the track starts and which plays to the end of the track has an excessive amount of transients. Therefore, he soon begins to bother and does not fully hear the development of the track taking a lot of attention. Wrong delay delays uncomfortable perception. Replace or adjust the sound to sound softer and set the delay type to “Manny M delay stereo” with the following parameters (if you have a project tempo of about 120):
    L channel -1/4, R channel 1 / 4D, dry / wet 40-45%. This will create a nice rhythmic picture and stereo fill image.

  2. A protracted introduction. From 9 or 17 (if there is a rise) seconds it is better to play kick. But not the one that you have. Your kick is more suitable for power metal. Kick should be tight and not so aggressive. And it is desirable to add bass notes to the piano score along with kick.

  3. The bells. They should be quieter and further in time. In the introduction they are not needed. But they will give good development at an emotional peak.

  4. A musical line starting at 32 seconds should dominate the timbre. I’m not talking about volume. Replace the sound with an electric guitar or any other appropriate. With the effects of giving this party a flight. In this case, the sound should not be sharp.

  5. The bass. The bass you play in the wrong octave and sounds along with the kick from the wrong music. Raise it one octave. If necessary, you can leave it as a sub but quite a bit. And if you play bass notes with the kick on the piano, then during the introduction of the bass they may need to be removed.

Here are the main flaws in my view. Which relate to the arrangement and sound design.

The track has potential. Waiting for him in the bestsellers :slight_smile:

Good luck and patience!


thanks for your time, i’ll try to do it!

after the corrections can i re-upload the track?

I think you can if coordinated changes are made.

I advise you to post a track on the forum before submitting. To make sure everything is in order.

Good morning!

Really great job! You’re so close!

I would put a low cut off on the piano to filter out the mechanical noise, and add some kind of soft lead to make the first section memorable/followable. Then for the second section, I would rewrite the bass line to make it a bit more distinctive/memorable and carry the section. Other than that I think you have it nailed!

  • Nathan