Feedback help please (after rejection)


I’ve been working hard on this theme, and i received a hard rejection after submission, can you give me some tips for approval?

Current Demo:

Thank you


Not bad really, some good ideas and elements here and there. However: scrolling is broken on mobile, a lot of responsive issues and a ton of spacing and alignment issues on both desktop and mobile. You can improve it a lot. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the feedback, you are helping me a lot, just one last question, do you believe that if I solve all those alignment and responsiveness issues you mentioned, are the other visual aspects acceptable for a new submission or do I need to work on other aspects better?

Iam afraid solving those spacing issues won’t be enough, because, if I understood, you got hard rejected. Therefore, you’ll have to make enough changes to make it look like a completely new item. No need to mention it has to look professional and premium, because customers will eventually build real apps with your stuff. Also, try not to repeat a dashboard homepage pattern with 1000 variations, it won’t help. Instead, focus on creating really original pages that focus on displaying various type of content with the best user experience. For example, the icons in the navbar for messages and notifications don’t look sharp and are messy. In a dashboard, you cannot put a container in the navbar because it will look odd, as the content is almost always full width. I’d say you have 3-4 months of work ahead to be able to propose something that will be worth a few soft rejections and eventually be approved (but never be sure about it). The mobile side is really broken, needs a lot of improvement. Good luck! Thanks.

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