Feedback for this Electro Sport Track. it's ready for Audio Jungle ?Thank you !

Hi I would like to know if this track is ready for Audio Jungle, thanks

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Anybody can help me? thanks

Hi, Alex! I like the drums and the intro of the track, but than I would suggest to change VST guitar on a real one with heavy Celldwellerd-ish (can I say so?) tone, and that would be an awesome track for sports or video games

thanks, so how is it now you say it could be accepted?

I think so, it’s a good track in my opinion, it has its own character

I mean without the change of vst

Even with this a bit rough sound of vst the track still sounds interesting, and maybe some game designer would like to buy it.

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one last question, the structure listening to other tracks, must be slightly repetitive, is mine good with that “bridge” in the middle of the song?

I noticed there is something wrong with the measure in the bridge, it feels like it missing two bars in it. Maybe you did so on purpose, but because of it the drop appears very unexpectedly

hopefully not a reason for rejection

Yeap! Good luck!

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thank you, have a good day

Cool track! It reminds me (in a good way) of the Tron:Legacy soundtrack.

As NeelleeStenat said, it might be too repetitive. Try adding more harmonic complexity and variety.

Good luck!

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It will most likely pass review. But if you want it to actually sell, it could be a little bit stronger and more aggressive. I’d add some more gritty synth layers. But it is OK.

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thank youuuu!!

Not going to lie: It gets me pumped! I like it. :+1:

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thank you for the feedback. i appreciate

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