Feedback for rejected tracks in a row

I know there is a topic with feedback for rejected items, but it looks like small amount of people is paying attention…

So I got two rejects in a row, I would like to hear your opinion guys.

Come on guys, anyone? :thinking:

Difficultly… In the first track “synthesizers” been cause of refusal. In the second mix the guitars sound not very nice.

I can’t identify. both tracks causing discomfort. I can not explain I’m sorry.

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I’m not very familiar with your style… (I’m so classical… lol) but I’ll try to help… :slight_smile:

first track: nice idea here… this bass sounds too aggressive to me, maybe a little bit alone… the percussion and rhythm sounds nice… mmh a little bit dirty sometimes (maybe it’s me…)… the claps… maybe with some discreet snare? the snaps are amazing :slight_smile:
Second track: similar mood… love your guitars.-. someone screaming? maybe too much.,from 1:10 put some more melodic variation… this could be a little bit different. nice pause at 1:33… lets to breath … and final. nice! but… some crash?

as I said… not very familiar with this… but hope this can help… :smiley:
good luck and beers :beer:!

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@EvgenM I agree the guitars are not very good, they are midi :smile:

@MusicLFiles The idea was for the second track to go under 2 minutes so I avoid variation, but now I see it is necessary. Yeah, crash could fill in. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for listening and taking your time to write your opinion. Appreciate that. :slight_smile: