Feedback for rejected track


I got another hard rejection on a cinematic track I uploaded last week. I used a couple of reference tracks from AJ, so I’m curious if anyone here has tips to improve my tracks.

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You listen to your track in professional headphones, you have a blockage in the low frequencies

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Hey there,

I think the overall balance of the voices is a bit off. Percussion and the high blings are very loud compared to the rest. The one voices, which serve for the melodic / harmonic base are kind of low in volume, in my opinion. This makes it sound like something was not quite intended (to me at least). Also the composition could need more variation; at least micro variations. Like it is now it almost sounds like copy&paste for ~2 minutes. Try to add some other voice, for example. A voice that brings in some new melodic idea or so; at least something that would add a bit more movement throughout the whole piece. I do not want to say that it has to get way more variation, no. It can be an atmospheric piec ein the end, no question! But even with this intended, I think there could be a bit more added. Like some more texture or so. Sorry, if this might not really help. Hopefully it still does. Good luck! :slight_smile: