Feedback for Rejected Item

Hello Everyone!
I need feedback about my item rejected recently. I think that my item is acceptable. Please give me some advices. thanks in advance.
Wt news Responsive Joomla Template - You can see demo here:


As I know I already provided feedback for this item some time go :slight_smile: !

At a first check, my first thought is the typography.

  • Please consider changing the Oswald font as it makes your news template horrible :slight_smile: The texts are not easily readable.
  • Take a look at these font combinations and choose one for your theme. One font for Headings (H1-H6), and other font for all other elements.

Good Luck!

Hello thanks themeslr. I have made all Changes according to your advices except font suggestion because there is font change option on admin area of Template.
What is the real cause of rejection in your opinion?
How can I learn What is the exact cause for rejection?