Feedback for React template design

Greetings, could you help me by giving me your opinion before uploading it?

Demo url:

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Hi @alexGarrixen, I think you should improve your item before you submit.
As a whole it feels unfinished, and that in itself will be enough for rejection. The design needs a lot of improvements - color scheme, typography, components styling and consistency.
You have rounded corners for some elements, but the buttons are square, which is one of the inconsistencies for example. Another one is different margins and paddings of the some elements.
The contact form fields look very standard and don’t have states like hover,focus,active, which again needs improvement.
The menu button doesn’t look right for some reason, again I think you would need to improve the design.
As a whole it is not clear what is the template for - a travel agency, a platform for discussing travel, portfolio, something else? It’s a bit all over the place. Also the copy (as in text copy) needs improvements - try to use less “lorem ipsum” and more actual text that better represents the idea of the end product.

P.S. I am not being critical but rather want to warn you not to get rejected. It’s always better to spend some more hours refining things :slight_smile:

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Greetings, I understand, I am working on a template but this time on a single concept,
no problem if I keep the login, signup and prices pages

For a starter it looks great! Be sure your assets allow for redistribution. I think those icons are paid if I’m not mistaken?

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