Feedback for React template design

Greetings, could you help me by giving me your opinion before uploading it?

Demo Url:

Hi, I would gladly help. But be warned, you would need a lot of improvements for the item to be approved, and I am speaking from experience here :slight_smile:

Typography: I think you need to add more margins to your main headings to make them stand out more because now things look cluttered in places. Make your <h1> headings bigger and add a style for lead paragraph text.

General layout: the template is a bit generic and basic looking. Maybe try and make the layout more interesting. What you have is the classic Navigation > header > section > section > footer and this is not enough nowadays for the marketplace as standards are too high.

Some other problems:
You have components like buttons, cards, accordions, etc. but are not showcasing them in the template, only as a separate component which is not enough. You should give the user an idea of how to combine them in a bigger, ready to use component or even pre-made page - like you have a FAQ page with the accordion component.
The navbar doesn’t look finished or fully functional.
In most pages the footer is missing - this should definitely also be fixed.

In general I would suggest spending some more time on your item, polish the design, add more content and then try to submit.

Thank you very much for your answer, and would there be no problem if I ask for opinion once I have made improvements?

Of course not, take your time, better to be sure than rush things.