Feedback for my landing page


Hello folks,

Here is my latest app landing page

I want your’s feedback about my landing page.
How its look like - Is this premium look n feel ?
Typography well formated ?

I tested on all the modern browsers and check HTML valid code too.



Great job. Design is impressive. Good Luck.


I like the look of the template, only minor details that I find could be improved. (just a personal preference) Instead of navbar being pink, maybe you should have it white and no drop shadow? also possibly less hight for the nav bar. Hero text looks kinda bland and maybe stick with native icons for app download? Icons for the features in my opinion should be smaller and video section maybe higher. Other than that it looks pretty good.


Thanks a lot


Thanks a lot for your detailed review. Will improve it. thanks again


Hello folks … is there any improvement needed for my page ??