Feedback for my hard rejected item?

my thoughts are kick too loud, too trebly lead sound - breakdown arrangement messy

any more?


The track doesn´t exist.

That’s a good reason for a hard rejection! Lol! Have amended, thanks.

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Hello @Musetock,

I would say sub is too loud.
I would put down a few db on 5k on kick as it makes it loud.

Harmonywise I don’t like how it changes on 0:33, 1:05.
Maybe try fix the chord progression to make it sounds more ‘finished/complete’?

Seperate breakdown from first drop with muting kick and some instruments or just mute the melody.
It sounds way too monotonous.

0:50 - Add some extra melody or riff just for a few bars.

Good luck!


Wow very thorough thanks so much for taking the time

You’re welcome!:grinning:

Does anyone know - are these adjustments enough to resubmit?