Feedback For My First Construction Theme

Hello Guyz.

I just completed my construction templates. And want your feedbackā€¦ Does my this templates pass the review process or rejected :frowning: or any suggestions . Thanks

Here is the demo link


  1. Parallax isnā€™t working properly :
  2. Focus on typography.

i will change this Parallax.
can you please specify Focus on typography.
which part do I need to correct or what I need to learn?

Its looking good but I can see some spacing and alignment issues. for example in bar between slider and menu.
Bar after slider (add some spacing between icons and text)
Break long paragraphs into two.
ā€œServices We Provideā€ right side text not visible
Improve dropdown menu
logo text not looking smooth

Thanks for your feed back.
I will consider your valuable feedback and apply them before submission.