Feedback for Hard Rejected Graphics Collection


Hello! My Brainstorming collection was hard rejected. Is there any feedback you could offer? Any advice would be appreciated!


I am thinking of adding shading and additional details to the characters rather than going with flat minimalism. Do you think that will make a difference?

Preview below


Would love for some feedback please.


If it´s a HARD rejection, don´t you have to completely remake the illustration into something totally new?
If so, I don´t think changing shadows or going for a flat style will help.
Perhaps the market already features too many “handshaking coworkers”?
Just a thought.


I didn’t see a lot that featured diversity in gender or race. I don’t know if it was rejected due to lack of original subject matter or because of it not meeting the standard.


i personally see a lot of items daily and i did not see so many illustrations on this subject and neither in this style by the way … i think that u have a minimalistic style and that this rather trendy at this time (but the drawing is specific), maybe u did not face a reviewer either linking this style or being impressed with it. IN any event, i tend to believe that this is no use for you to spend so much more additional time on this one, according to my experience , when u rework something that they had hard rejected , u get hard rejected again anyway … so just try to sell this one somewhere else and try to bring something new and better again to upload here … :wink: