[feedback] Do I have a chance ?



Please take a look at my item and give me your opinion, Will it be accepted or rejected ?


Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll get in :frowning: . Sorry but the theme needs a better aesthetic design, typography. Don’t give up tho. Re-design them. Good luck


Thanks for your feedback, what is your suggestions to make it better?


any other feedback ?


every one has a chance, mr znashty :smiley:


@vinirama Thank you :smile:


Having looked at the theme my suggestions are you improve the typography, it is very predictable and plain, typograohy is key in web design and this sets themes apart, also the colours e.g header are to monochrome. I hope this helps​:sunglasses::slight_smile:️


I agree with you typography need more work, the header doesn’t had any colors because there is a background video for it !


When I say header, I was thinking more navigation bar, it’s very boxed and black and white, I do like the look of the video BG although load times are reduced.


Users can change almost all the site colors from wordpress customizer here is a screenshot from the customizer [screenshot][1] but I got your idea and will work on it, beside typography and header colors would like to hear your feedback about other pages and other demos…
[1]: http://s9.postimg.org/tnik995wf/joxi_screenshot_1441407192516.png


I see what you mean, thank you for providing the screenshot. regarding the other themes and overall I believe there is not enough to fill the page, effectively you have one sector of content which includes everything in your page, maybe separate this a little and provide some title so people know where they’re at whilst navigating and scrolling your pages.

-Work hard to reduce the size of the video/.gif image, this can cause real problems with people attempting to load the page on lower spec machines.
-The tags at the bottom of the page a pretty much unreadable, These may need editing.

I hope I helped :sunglasses:


Your comments were really helpful… I already wrote what you mention in my TODO list.

Thank you for your feedback :smile:


I would say you need to do a lot of work in spacings and typoghraphy.


Thank you for your feedback, I already start working on typoghraphy, but what about spacing could you please be more specific ?


General: paddings / margins. More white (empty) space is generally better, to avoid clutter, but it’s easy to get void, so careful there (sorry I can’t be more specific, time is money … :wink: )


Dear friends @CreativeKaboom @vinirama @ABMDesign @aligatorstudio

After two weeks of hard work and based on the feedback here, I changed theme typoghraphy and give it more margins and padding I also added a new section in the header… Please take a look at this image below

I really need everyone’s here feedback, this project is taking much longer time than expected, I would like to know if iam going on the right direction or not.


Nothing seems to pop out in case of featured articles . Work a little more on header and footer. Hope it helped.

Don’t give up, just revise until you get the perfect piece :wink:

Have a good day! :blush:


there’s too much different colors, if you want different colors settle in for 3 - 5 colors, but make them fit together… maybe more pastel and light colors,
this looks very much in the face. also the spacing at the top teasers looks odd.

forgive my foreign english :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
good luck


Thanks every one.


Colors, layouts, typo sizes, margins should be changed and it seems that there’s only few sections of features( or shortcodes) on the main landing page.