Feedback Before Submitting

Hello Everybody!
This is a Joomla News and Magazine Template!
So what is your opinions?

Your item is good! Not perfect but acceptable.

###You can improve:

  • Spacing. There are multiple spacing issues on your theme. Some of them:


  • Pay attention to details. You have a lot of sections, but many of them are not perfectly styled.

  • At a first check thought the logo icon is a nav burger :smile: I think it’s good to replace it with a logo icon :slight_smile:

  • Responsive burger nav icon seems unfinished. Looks like it is un styled.

  • Make sure to validate your html with w3validator:



Thank you very much I really appreciate your feedback.The issue in the second image (the one with breaking news) you added. Which browser is it? I will correct them. regards

Chrome, but its the same on Firefox too.

That left vertical bar was added by me to show you shere the News button needs to stay aligned.

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Thanks a lot

  • I also think that the magnifier icon is not necessary there as you already have a placeholder on the search input field. You can remove or add it on the right side, inside the search input field.

  • One other thing, my suggestion is to add a different font for paragraphs(Eg: Raleway, Open sans or Roboto), Reading an article with this font is a real pain :slight_smile:

  • Btw, update the year here. I got soft rejected for not having the current year. :slight_smile:

Good luck with this item! :sunny:


Thankyou so much for your help you are very nice.