Feedback before submit.

Please give your honest feedback. Suggestions for improvement are welcome :slight_smile:

There is no development.

Serious timing issues going on.

Yeah lack of development is the main issue I hear. It sounds like an 8 bar loop on repeat rather than a full song. You add a few minor variations over time but not enough to keep the listener’s interest. Also the whole thing is at the same dynamic level, with no changes in loudness after the short intro.

The other thing I will say is that since you are using live instruments I think you need more realistic drums and bass. The bass just plays the sustained root note… I think the bassline could definitely move around more, especially since you have syncopated rhythmic guitar going on at the same time. And the drum pattern needs to change up at some point… you have that same hi hat pattern going on the entire time.


I agree with what’s been said. The lack of development made 1 minute feel like 3.

Also, the sound stage is all over the place. You have these really dry drums and bass which sound like they are in a padded cell, and then these horns which sound like they are in a concert hall whilst I’m stood upstairs at the bar. They all need to sound like they are in the same space.

The single note bassline makes it sound boring. I think you could liven it up by following the rhythm of the kick drum with the bass.

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