Feedback before submission


I have a history of being rejected and have since scrapped all projects, I have now created a new one called plutonium and I would really appreciate some feedback before submission.

Thank you so much,



Hi @courtneylauren ,

I like the banner section of your theme. The problems I have found, however, are as follows:

1). The vertical menu section on the left (one with search option, Instagram feed etc) doesn’t scroll.
2). The text in the Search field doesn’t fit in it.
3). The “Search” button color is almost the same as that of background, due to which its visibility reduces to a great extent.
4). The title on the banner and the text below it can be improved (font, line height etc).
5). Where one section / article ends and the other begins needs to be more clear. (You have put a vertical line on the left side of the article but, in my honest opinion, it isn’t very successful in serving the purpose.)
6). I suggest that you add some content to the pages (One, Two, Three, Four)

Good luck! :smiley:


Agreed with @gauravgaxon although the vertical menu worked for me although has latency and some times didn’t work.
The footer’ typography needs to be worked on a bit.

As a user…
It was difficult for me to point out what is what like video, quotes were obvious but when it can to simple posts I really got confused . The images i thought were the posts thumbnail turned out to be different post. Adding an icon or confining it to a border would do the best!

Icons can have a hover effect of color red or the theme color and same goes for tags in the menu’s.

The author name almost disappears on hover.

And while scrolling down with the menu the close button stays on top may be you can make it fixed with the menu.
Th plutonium logo and the word plutonium has two different authorities (one bold other elegant). Reconsider the logo a bit.
Had too may personal opinions! :grinning:
Choose implementation in accordance to your vision

Good Day! :blush:


Thank you so much for your reply!

I took all of your feedback into consideration and if you end up having some free time I’d love for you to recheck my project with any other suggestions. (only if you want, I appreciate it enough that you took the time to look and give feedback in the first place)

Thank you so much once again!


Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions!

I took most of it into consideration however am a little clueless as to how I could improve the footer typography, if you have any more suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Thank you so much again,



Sorry to mention it as typography specifically , I just wanted the underline to be on a phrase not complete line
and icons having a border would do better as it will feel more balanced. the hover effect on icons doesn’t seem to help in footer as it blends with background then.

And while load more is clicked and processed . There is a white space generated below the footer . Although doesn’t happen for a long time once the request has been cached.
Injected many opinons yet again !

Have a good day! :smile:


Thank you once again!

I agree with the footer and the underline, but the icons I don’t actually mind! I don’t see the “white space generated below the footer” on the load more click, maybe it’s a slow load for your computer?

But thank you so much again! Opinions of others helps the construction a lot :smile:


Glad I could help. Here are a few suggestions you might like to consider:

1). Try adding a border to your content, especially the images.
2). Try adding some sort of separator between the posts / articles. Something like adding a background color or a border or anything else that you might think of (eg: Pinterest, with light grey background and content confined within a block). It helps differentiate one post / article from another.
3). On hover, images kind of pixelate during animation.
4). Try a different color scheme. Not asking to make it colorful or anything, but when your theme doesn’t cover full width and has empty spaces on the sides, light colors might make it look a bit dull.
5). Try to make better use of spaces available. For instance, the body section on the home page covers sufficient width, but as soon as you go to the Typography page, margin on both the sides increases and the width of the content decreases. Same is the case with Submit and Ask pages.
6). Try using a simpler Submit section. Increase the width of Name and Email fields.

Hope this helps. Good luck!