Feedback before submission

Hi guys,

It would be great to get some feedback on this track, I’m new to writing/composing, I’m still learning and id be so grateful to get some direction from you guys, experienced in the field.

Thank you.

Hi RedDot,

I’ve written a longer text before, so here are my short impressions:

  • your violin needs mor dynamic and expression - and in my ears the violin sounds a bit over saturated
  • the drums are waaaaayyyy tou loud. It sounds like a monster runing against a big door. The drums should sounding discreet and not like an industrial forge :wink: Try to use discreet sub booms and if you’re using Taikos, big toms or something like that, keep the volume down.
  • I am not quite sure, but sound effects like bird tweets could be a rejection reason, because it can bother the customer. I would provide two versions of the song, the main mix without the bird tweets.
  • you can shorten the song - you have too much repetitions of the same instruments or
  • you need to implement different instruments for melody and chord. There’s nearly no song evolving in the actual state.

Thank you dude, I’ll fix the track according to your advice, really thank you dude you help us (beginner) too much.
Thanks a lot.

I agree with what Daydreamz-Studios wrote and I would add probably a nice delay on the piano or more reverb with long pre delay (80-100 ms) or both combined would make it more lively. It is too dry to me now.

Thank you for your advices.