Hello. Would any of you be so kind as to help me with some feedback/advice on this track that has been rejected? Most of my solo acoustic stuff is being accepted here but I bought a synth to try and create some more commercial/corporate music for the stock market. All of the synth stuff has been rejected so far so I wonder if I’m missing something.

where is track?

Hi Sorry for the confusion. I had trouble trying to upload the track.

These were both rejected.

“Happy Go Lucky” sounds not seriously! it is necessary to make more dense and massive drums and replace this pipe with more modern sound.

Сoncerning “Stormy Slide Guitar” - not for AJ.

It only my opinion, Good Luck

Hey. Thanks for the advice and taking the time to listen. Much appreciated :slight_smile: the drums were just samples from the synth drum kits. any ideas on how i can make them sound bigger? I can deffinatly look into that. Cheers.

Hey, Audio Jungle will not approve anything with 30 seconds of ambient intro like “Stormy Slide Guitar,” or an overall ambient track with prevalent non-musical sounds.

“Happy Go Lucky” sounds like an upbeat version of “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus. :grinning:
Would definitely '86 the pan flute sound, as previously stated drums are a bit thin sounding, try compressing, boosting snare around 2kHz, ect. everything else sounds good though…

compression and other dynamic sound processing…has not been canceled

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: I did try some parallel compresion on the drums. I will try and improve on that for future tracks. What do you mean by “86 the pan flut”? I think I might use goodbye horses as a referece track now! :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Thanks again Progressence. not sure i know what you mean by “has not been canceled” though. Did you mean “has not been used”? Thanks again for all your help :slight_smile:

I agree with others - first track (Stormy Slide Guitar) not for AJ.

“Happy Go Lucky” can be ok for AudioJungle, but after some inprovenents:

  1. Try to play your melody at standart instruments to this style (whistle, bell, piano, guitar, ect)
  2. Try to get more professional sound in your mix. You can listen some examples (from top sellers) and try to create sound close to them. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice Lucky Black Cat. Can you please explain point 1 a little more if you have the time? Cheers.

I think the track happy go lucky is a good idea but the problem is in the mix. It’s missing something in the drums and in the bass. You might want to consider reworking it a bit and try to get the sound a little fuller. The stormy guitar track sounds cool but it might be difficult to get sales with it. Maybe that’s why that one was not accepted. Hope that helps.

Hey Smart Owl. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I will have a mess around with it and see what happens. I may have under estimated just how punchy the drums and bass can be for stock music. and I’m still getting used to using my roland fa-06 for drums and bass sounds. Thanks again for taking the time to listen.

I know what “86” the pan flute sound means now. hahaha had to google it though :slight_smile:

my father played the pan pipes, and his father before him, and his father before him. now they are out of date :slight_smile: