feedback about new version html template

Merry Christmas community.

feedback about new version html template

Is there an improvement in the appearance of the site? Or as bad as the previous version?

Earlier version

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Your html will to hard rejected sure 100%

because is too basic


  • colors

  • spacing

  • margin/padding

  • Copyright logos/images.

  • box-shadow

  • More more

You need practice more for approved html, you can see inspirations other website in themeforest for give some ideas, regards.

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thank you for helping me
I ask to improve my skills and not upload my work.
Can I request feedback anytime here?


Is there an improvement? Or is he still suffering from many defects and his previous faults have not been addressed?

With all due respect, but you are nowhere near ready and I can 100% assure you you won’t be ready in any near future. It takes time to get your skills to the required level, and by time I mean years. Or a least several months of very, very dedicated practice. There is absolutely no point to ask for feedback every few days, because again, you won’t make any significant improvements in such a short amount of time. Study tutorials, maybe even take some courses, take some inspiration around the net and practice. You can safely scratch this design and start again, and again, and again until you actually make some serious progress.

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