Feedback about my new plugin

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to hear your feedback and opinions about this new plugin that I developed.
Motion Engine Promo
I started with a simple question, isn’t there a convenient way to insert such transitions in a practical and fast way?
I didn’t find a tool or way to get the job done as was hoping for.
So I started slowly until I achieved this plugin.
As far as I searched (you can correct me), I believe that this is the first plugin that allows you to insert any type of transitions (no matter of how many layers, shapes, masks, effects used in the source transition template composition).
This video explains the different types of transitions, Motion Engine can insert any type of transitions covered in the video (the same goes for After Effects as Premiere Pro)
I know that there are other plugins out there that are dedicated for transitions and have a huge library of transitions (Like Motion Bro and many others which all insert seamless transitions), however, what’s special about Motion Engine is that it’s not limited to just seamless transitions.
As you can see both videos A and B show at the same frame. For now the transition library is still small but it can grow and reach now potential especially any type of transitions can be supported.
As a video experts, what do you think about the potential of this? and can you sens the utility for this tool for your workflow and projects?
I’m eager to hear your comments,feedback and thoughts about this plugin and this new workflow.
Thanks in advance.