Feedback - 4th hard rejection - what am I doing wrong?

Hi all,

I really thought this one would be accepted so please criticise as much as possible… I don’t really know where to go now with this?


In my opinion composition is good, but for my ears mix is not quite good. It’s like there is a lack of low mid, also maybe you can try to replace drums with some other sample library. I hope this was helpful to you.


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I aggree with @RainyAudio. The composition is good and commercial, but the mix isn’t. Also there could be a few variations happen, the arrangement is a bit repetitive.

Thanks for the comments.

I know that I’m competing in a very crowded genre with this, so maybe the reviewers are even more particular about quality and the bar is very high?

They raised the criteria for approvements over the last time, thats definitely for sure!

When do you mean ‘the last time’ - when was that?

Is that for all genres?

Hey @anon84261621

I totally agree with what others have said here and I do think Audiojungle have raised the criteria for approved items recently but that is them trying to move with times and evolve, so I dont think it’s a bad thing on their part. I know for a fact I had many items accepted back in 2014/15 that were mixed terribly and I have since removed those from my portfolio.

Anyways, the track is good, sounds commercial but as others have said the mixing could be improved. It sounds a bit of a blur overall and doesn’t have too much clarity. Try working on your mixing a little more, a nice handy trick is to use the “pink noise mixing track”. Look it up on YouTube, it can really help some mixes. :slight_smile:

Good luck with future submissions!

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Thanks for the help AaronWildeMusic,

It does sound a bit fuzzy in places now that it has been mentioned.

I’ll check out the “pink noise mixing track” … thanks.

great tune!

Just my opinion:
A would have used a more upfront bassdrum and reverbed clap like.| Beat BeatBeat, Beat BeatBeat Clap |.( 2 Bars)
More High end like Shakers Open and closed High Hats. Add Some interesting effects (ping ponged - downlifters) to the backround. Faster developing of the tune. And defenitly balance it with pink noise you will feel the difference ;).


Thanks for having a listen and for the suggestions.
I watched the pink noise technique on Youtube and tried it on this track - totally different mix. It was fuller in the low end and just sounded cleaner and easier to listen to. I’ll certainly use this to start mixing in the future!