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Hey mate, nice video! But you forgot to give a link in the description on YouTube!


Hey, guys here is my new tracks, let’s feedback :wink::sparkles:

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Hi, friends!!! Please feedback my new track!


Hello everyone, here are my new tracks :slight_smile:

(I’ve commented on all the tracks posted here recently :smiley: )


Hey guys! I Would appreciate some feedback on my new track :slight_smile:

Commenting back on your tracks ofc :wink:


Hi folks, here is my latest track, my first in a “Western” style. Please leave your feedback!


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Hi guys! My new Cinematic! :sparkles:

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Hello friends, check please my fresh summer track


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Hello everyone!)
Check out my new logo :slight_smile:

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My new Intro:


My new hip-hop logo:

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Hi guys! Please leave your feedback! Commenting back on your tracks 100% Thx!


Hi friends! Please leave your feedback for my new track! Commenting back on your tracks 100%! Thank you!


Hi! A new logo is here :slight_smile:

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Hi guys! My new track. I would like to hear your opinion.:slight_smile:


Hi again fellows!
Feedback 4 Feedback! (Οnly if you like and want :smiley:)


Hi guys! Need feedback on my new track=)

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