Feed back needed on " Please improve the mobile menu design"

the reviewer asked me to do the following
" Please improve the mobile menu design: http://envato.d.pr/7AzO/5duGDRwl"

but i cannot figure it out what actually he want to ask. please give me feedback on this. here is demo url for my theme : http://prismatheme.lorventindia.com/demo/


Hi there!

####The reviewer is right!
If you compare your current theme with the default navigation menu from bootstrap (See Navbar Template for Bootstrap) - Try to access the link from a mobile phone or from your computer by resizing the browser to smaller width;

Basically your items needs to be in list; but because this needs to be a premium theme try to improve the default bootstrap styling. Now it looks more like an unfinished nav menu.

####See some approved themes
Open few approved themes in your mobile phone and see how the nav should look like :slight_smile: . Then step forward and improve the menu from your template.

All the best



I think it is obvious, on mobile menu toggle (show, hide). It is ugly to see menu item not aligned like this, my advice is to every menu item has its own row.

Good luck