Fed up with Authors need more accountablility to products

I continually get new theme and will no longer buy theme under 6 months. Last 4 theme we have purchased have had multiple code issues and 1 wouldn’t even work in mobile and authored even admitted to that though it said fully mobile responsive- Envato needs to deal better with authors and crappy coding themes and needs to have some type of testing system they need to pass before launching- they waste a lot of people time because of this-

Agree. Wasted my money to buy the theme and time to configured and then realize it doesn’t work. A refund + compensation policy is needed.


You can request a refund for any item on Envato if you feel it does not meet the standards that the item states in its Item Description (frontpage/demo).

Furthermore, have you tried contacting the author of said item to see if they can help fix the issue for you? They may be unaware of the issue affecting you.

Hi, You must consider that if you don’t know nothing of coding, web development and how to create a website, you will always have difficulties to create your site. In the next years the situation will be better but currently you must know almost the basic of web development to build a website. You pretend it’s easy like drink a coffè but currently not, if you don’t know how to create a website you will have problem to create it.

New items may have bugs or responsive issues but authors usually sort them out in next updates. However, Customers now want authors to install theme, upload demo contents, if author tries to make them understand that customization is not included in item support, they are threatening to get refund or bad feedback. I’m facing these issues, nowadays… Feel like I advertise the item support policy first before item description. I’m really fed up with these nuisance.

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Actually I have own and seo and web design company since 1999 and started out as a flash developer but I should not have to re code an entire damn theme to make it mobile responsive when the description says it is. The issues are more than a couple lines of coding to fix, which I can do but at that point I should just code the entire thing myself. People buy a theme becuase of looks and functionality from demo and descriptions. If it doesn’t work that is 100% on a developer period. If you say 1 click demo and multiple people are complaining about demo not installing thats on developer. Each of these themes we have bought with issues 4 of last 5 have had numerous same issues from numerous buyers. I get the fact that instal support etc is not included. But don’t say 1 click demo if that’s not true- there are alotnof good developers on here we have used for years but, I will no longer be buying from anyone that I have not on here anymore. Sellers are refusing to answer refund request and envato has refused any answer to me is thus far.


So theme forest refuses to answer questions and sellers refuse to answer refund request when they literally reply- “the mobile responsive fix will be done on next update”—Here is tweet with a screen shot from the author stating the mobile responsive issues and will be fixed next update- https://twitter.com/squareboxseo/status/837082154089603073

again why was this allowed to be sold when the descriptions clearly stated theme ready mobile responsive…

@envato so do you clearly see why your service and such is out of hand- we will no longer be buying from here where we have spent thousands on 2 accounts. I know coding and I know Sellers need protection but when theme dont work and they are being sold you need to be accountable as the market place. You need a testing system before they can sell on the store- your lack of check and balances no just lost a customer that has been here for years.clearly the seller states issue with mobile responsive- now waiting 18 days since issue!

I hope you’re not serious.
This is a community forum, not a “complaint board” or “support forum”. Same goes for Twitter, you won’t reach anyone to help you here, nor there.

Envato support is at http://enva.to/help. Respons can take up to a week, or even longer.

P.S. Being rude, disrespectful, impatient, and uncooperative with authors will surely get you nowhere.

@thenextsoft- thanks for the response- we have clearly contacted both envato and the sellers numerous times- no responses. I have clear evidence the theme do not meet any type of description they wrote about- So where else do I go? So i decided to start here and then twitter also- zero accountability- its been 20 days without responses from sellers- that is more than enough time to wait- envato i contacted last week, again enough time- they have liek 50 employees- Authors sell soemthing that does not work should not matter if whast your PS says “Being rude, disrespectful, impatient, and uncooperative with authors will surely get you nowhere.” they item if doesnt work should not of been sold period- the one developer asked me to tell them what I fixed for one part even- really- if I have to fix a part of your site and then contact you about the mobile responsive part after wards and request a refund after 2 weeks- yeah buddy that’s not complaining that a company taking my money and not getting what I paid for-

So yeah Im serious being here- weeks without responses for someone that paid for something that DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED- and tried every other avenue, yes im here

I had a chance to review the theme in question and it is working exactly as described. And it is indeed responsive.

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