February The best month for me than ever

Hello friends! I would like to share the joy! February was the best in terms of sales for me. While many argue that sales plummeted after the New Year. I have at this time (10/02/2017) 25 sales in February and I’m really happy. In addition to the forums say that almost no sales to the US, but my 60% of sales from the United States. It is also often occur on the expanded license sale. (In addition, it is a very warms soul).I would appreciate advice in the future! Also I would like to motivate you that things are not so bad .I wish you all the best!!
As the saying goes up to the new mixes!:wink:


Congrats and thanks for your motivation :+1::slight_smile:

Same here :slight_smile:

Congratulation @SmartSounds :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Congratulation @SmartSounds :tada:

Congratulations! :balloon: I think March will be much better.))

I am new, I was selling more tracks months ago …

you are great! wish you more sales this month! good luck

Actually, January of 2017 is my best sale month ever over other months on 2016.
Congratulation mate.

Cool, congrats!

That is great to hear @SmartSounds! And there is over half the month left for more sales :fireworks: Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Yay - many congratulations!

Congrats @SmartSounds !

You can make more, mate, I believe!!!)))))

Congrats!!! :wink:

Congrats mate! Keep up the good work!

Great to hear @SmartSounds, more GLWS to you!

Great, @SmartSounds! Good luck with more and more sales, don’t stop!