February 2022 Elements payout

Hi. Am i the only one who did not receive February 2022 Elements payout? @BenLeong could you give us any info?

same with me, haven’t received payment in February maybe tomorrow

It sometimes reaches my account on 16th though.

sometimes it comes on the 16th

Hello, I was receiving a payment from envato elements on the 15th of every month. Looks like I made $296 last month. but no payment has been sent this month. Does anyone know the reason for this? thank you


Hi @egemen,

Envato pay out your Elements earnings into your nominated account on the 16th of the month if it is a weekday. If the 16th falls on a weekend, your earnings will be paid on the following Monday.


Thank you so

15 Mar 2022 Sal 22:40 tarihinde mgscoder via Envato Forums <envato@discoursemail.com> şunu yazdı:

Envato Elements / Payment failure

Just received this message:

Hi StereoNuts,

Yikes! Your Elements payment didn’t go through.

We weren’t able to process your payment

Are you sure you’ve entered all the details correctly? Please make sure that your details are correct on your account. You can update your details here.


Payment method: Payoneer
From Audiojungle yesterday was all ok…

I haven’t received anything this month either. I wonder where this money is now? They are not on the account. There is no message that they were rejected or sent either.

Hi payment was done. Thank you

16 Mar 2022 Çar 08:44 tarihinde StereoNuts via Envato Forums <envato@discoursemail.com> şunu yazdı:

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