Featured with disabled portfolio

My item will be featured, which is great, but the plot twist is my portfolio is disabled because I haven’t done the author ID verification.

Why haven’t I, you might ask? Because it is utterly ridiculous to send sensitive personal data such as image of your ID document online. The risks are greater than any sales on this platform. I don’t care if your service provider Jumio is #1 in USA or whatever, because USA isn’t actually known for protecting personal data. Oh, and even my own company is older than Jumio.

In the EU it is very rare to send such material anywhere, unless it’s a scam. And yes, your author ID verification email looks like a scam since every single URL in it references to “platformcommunicator.createsend1.com” instead of envato.com or similar. I know EU GDPR doesn’t cover the entire world and you’re not an European company, but it’s funny a company of your size doesn’t provide any alternative methods.

Oh, and all the featured GraphicRiver items in the last 6 months have ~130 sales combined, about 4 per item on average, so it’s not actually a jackpot. I think I’ll just wait and see what happens on the feature-week. Thanks.

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Assuming that most of the authors had to “verify” the accounts, there’s no way-out not to do it and at some point, you will need to send the documents if you want to keep the account active and wants income from it.

verify . envato . com