Featured project on Behance rejected by Envato!

Something must be wrong with the reviewing process here, i felt that after my second hard rejection so i decided to upload a featured project this time to see how it works, as you know it’s not easy to get your project featured on Behance

See the featured project on Behance here

today i got this :

unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.

and this is my fourth hard rejected item this month for the same reason which seams to be an automated response (Auto rejection robot!), I’ve no other explanation rather than someone on Envato hates me so much for unknown reason!
so can anyone tell me how a featured item on Behance get rejected here ?!

hi auto rejection does not exist , reviewers have a reason for th rejection , now to be honest, as for me, i do not see it , i like what u have here , though maybe this is an issue of where u are posting , in GR, posting in the right category has always been the reason for a hard rejection …


I am also not happy with such comments.

One thing’s for sure, though: Looks like your design is out of date. Because it was published in 2014. Now it’s 2020, things have changed too much.

Ok, auto rejection does not exist as well as a reasonable explanation for a rejected item which has been featured on Behance! may be reviewers have secret mysterious reasons for the rejection that nobody knows, sending me premade “copy and paste” paragraphs over and over, thanks

All the comments here are “and will be” just speculations, Envato reviewers have no time to write just few words to clarify the exact reason for the rejection, OK, out of date, I accept that from a reviewer, three words won’t take 2 seconds to type in the rejection message just to figure out what is the problem.
but “not at the quality standard required” is not acceptable nor tolerated. simply because it doesn’t make any sense.

yeah u are right … none of us can actually know the real reason, as only the reviewer can do mention it for sure. Now, i guess u can identify just this, this is a little bit despising for people to tell them just this when they come to try to give their opinion disregarding of their personal experience and background.

as for the fight over “out of date” not being equal to “not quality standard” , for them this is the same … u may not like it, what i can possibly understand, but this is not going to change things anyways … to further comment what u said yeah , they provide premade messages with generic content inside to reject and u may feel like they should provide accurate “feedback” but u have to identify that this a logics of big international company and that they prefer not spending money and keep it for something else … as such a “individual feedback process” would require much more reviewers or decrease drastically the number of submissions that people can be granted. finally about , the complaint in terms “explanation” of lack of it, u are right they could have possibly a bit more remade messages to choose from so that they do not waste too much time and people feel like they get a bit more credible “reply” but even this may increase reviewing times or require a few hiringsas regard to the substantial amount of daily submissions here. Pls note that i have always been for restricting the number of submissions for all people to maybe one per day up to only one per week , something like this, so that we stop having some people saturating the market with quickly done things , most of the tim made from one to the other , just like we can see with some guys in the flyer section …

i believe that u need to keep this in mind … this is a system with human beings, they all have different experience, backgrounds, tastes, expectations and focuses , as all human beings and this is definitely playing a role in rejecting or not , u may not agree with this and think as this system in generically terms and consider that there should be a guideline, though, for us it takes a whole lot of coordination and for all the team members to have a look at all accepted things and rejected ones so that they identify where is the cursor and as i mentioned above, indeed, this is something that is not going to happen because of the focus on not hiring more and not spending more time …

what despising?! i didn’t mean that for sure! may be i’m just so upset, 4 hard rejections in a row isn’t tolerated. any way I’m sorry if i used wrong words, English isn’t my first language.

what about wasting my time making projects to get rejected ?! I’m wasting months here not just seconds. i don’t have a projects making machine capable of producing 100 projects per minute so there is no problem when 4 of them get hard rejected in a row!

I’m totally satisfied with just one per month! specially for After Effects project. i spent 4 months on a hard rejected one and now 3 Graphic projects.

totally agree

There are a couple of solutions for that:-
1- As Steam platform, pay money to get your project published! take your money back if you reach the target, No humans involved, and this insures that only serious Authors will upload serious projects unless they are billionaires wasting their money for fun.
2- Automatic removal of projects after certain period of no sales, what is the use of thousands of approved projects by humans with ZERO sales for 6 years ?! the market is filled with tons of those Zero sales projects! so what is the point?!

with humans it’s subjective, one reviewer may see your project great, another one may see it bad, tell me if you are 100% sure that the rejection isn’t because of your nationality, race, color, gender! anything is possible with humans.
and I’m not accusing anyone by the way, it’s just a fact, humans are subjective.

thank you.

i can understand your frustration, having hard rejection really hurts feelings, especially when u put much time and effort into what u have done … though this is the same for all of us and i am sorry to tell u just that , but this whole thread is more likely to bring u to additional trouble about what u complain about more than any other thing … for english not being your first language, do not worry this is the same for a whole lot of us … as for i could understand all of us manage to discuss all the same lol

well , man, sorry , but this is a private company here … they do whatever they like and this includes taking care of their expenses the way they want and directing the money in the same way too. U may not like some of the things that take place here , i can figure this out , but , believe me u cannot change anything about it and u will have to do with it or leave as things are not going to change for u, for me, or for anyone else , we may regret it, but this is another story lol. AS for u not submitting things all the time or not being running the marketplace , this is not of envato’s business and neither is this is the reviewers’ one. Pls let me add that indeed i turn out to be a marketplace runner “on my free time” and i know what this is to dedicate much time to an item and to have it being binned and the frustration that it may bring to the table … however, u cannot change anything about this system

i do not doubt that u spent much time on creating things but standards are standards, they do not take care of any such issues, if this is estimated that the project is not interesting for the platform, this is bined … now , u have the option to find other places to sell , to sell on your own website, through bechance or whatever else so that u can ultimately do something out of your item rather than just putting in the trashcan … u also said that u agreed about the saturation of the market , well, this is precisely why i mentioned what i mentioned … if u force people into having lower upload rights, if they are not stupid they will stp rushing and instead of creating quantity that is ending up going through all the same out of the huge bulk of it, u will have people shifting to quality instead … do u realize that some guys have been posting - the flyer category - 4,5,6 our maybe even more items per day ? what kind of quality work u can do in such conditions? even if u are a real genius and u are working like crazy this basically means that u have little time only being dedicated to each piece …

what a joke! lol yeah a stupid robot will replace human beings and choose randomly and the thing will be working way better than this is! ahahahaha , i know that u are angry but this is really making no sense at all, besides, pushing the use of automated services and robots is clearly not a good idea unless u want end up being replaced by them! u can rest assured this may very well happened, especially as regard to how ridiculous some people are to try to install the minimalistic style as “the standard” , once this is done, the DIY automated joke will come to replace the whole of us! we will definitely be better off if so! LOL. Humans are subjective, they may do something wrong but this would clearly be not better if robots were handling a thing made of a part of art and which obviously looks very subjective depending on expectations and so on … i am also sorry to say just this , but the reviewing system is way better than having the same system as somewhere else where they closet door for u to join for as “subjective reasons” and afterwards let people post all the most ridiculous things . There is no perfect system with no inconvenience, pls try to keep this in mind

for what u said about removal of items that did not sell after a couple of years, i am preaching or it for very long so that i am not going to disagree just to contradict lol i would contradict myself, too lol

as for me i recommend that u just move on and try to offer things which turn out to be so incredibly good that there is no way anyone can possibly consider rejecting it , i do not know what else could be done indeed …

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just to clarify what makes me so upset and may be paranoid! :-
1- I’ve 5 accepted After effects items in a row with no single rejection, 4 of them selling very well (in my opinion) so i get excited to make more.
2- the next 4 projects (one big project for After effects and 3 for GraphicRiver get hard rejected in one month and in a row too!
so, something must be wrong, I’m the same person who created the previously accepted projects, i always make a research before starting any new one, investigating every single new item on the market and try to make mine better, same person, same abilities and same routine.
the only change in this equation must be the Envato reviewers or new hidden policy! and my five accepted projects are still selling well so it’s not about graphics trends.

But Steam platform is working that way right now and solved the problem of filling their market with low quality games! i think this worked pretty well for them.
No random choice by a robot, just upload any project you like and any number, can you pay 25 UDS for each?! OK go ahead, spend your money and see if you can get it back via sales. if not? you’ll stop uploading low quality projects getting no sales because you are wasting money, spending more than you gain.

I’m an artist not a reviewer! artists can’t be replaced by robots: “yet” LOL may be in 2050 or so :sweat_smile:

By the way: I’m a YouTuber, maybe one of the biggest in my region, i used to deal with Googl’s AI all the time since 2011, robots can be trusted, everything was fair and can be expected (of course there was mistakes but can be resolved by contacting the support team to fix it) until they recently hired human video reviewers and destroyed everything with that decision! the reviewer may reject your video for unclear / unknown / mysterious human reason! TOO! so I’m now trapped between so many reviewers on every platform / Market.
and again: i’m not saying that robots should review projects! robots delete projects with no sales for couple of years or so. this is it.

I’m doing that right now under a huge pressure, when you work hard and do your best while you are not sure about the approval at the end it’s just a nightmare. I’ll keep trying for some more projects, if no hope I’ll try to find another market.
Many thanks for the discussion and have a nice day :pray:

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lOOOOOOOOL so u are advocating for stupid places like Et.y?! where u have to pay to post?! lol but i have news for u , buddy, nobody actually knows what is going to sell! lol this is not because this is not selling that the product is a daub … the fact of the matter is that many items are good buried alive by the greta deal of quantity things that the same authors turn out to post and who are selling all the same as since they play the quantity game, they have enough things going through to saturate the market, insure of having a lot of quality places in search engine results and thus sell despite their items are not good!

as for your “artist status” enabling u not to be replaced by robots, let’s cross fingers to check that u are right in the future … art is subjective and some people seem not to understand anything about what u do and call “art” as for i could witness from this thread lol so maybe a lot of customers and so on, may do the same once all of them have adopted that stupid minimalistic style as a “standard”. Actually, i think that being overly confident about the future is quite daring but at least i guess u can sleep well nowadays, there are pros and cons for everything lol (just ask accountants in USA how a lot of them got fired without having seen anything coming). i am unfortunately not really having the same point of view as u, as i can witness on daily basis how people - customers of small design agencies - are acting , not to mention what the system of big companies are leading us to , globally. However, despite i usually see rather clear, i hope i am completely mistaken … though , things like placeit being acquired and being promoted does not inspire me much optimism to tell u the truth …

as for robots being able t be trusted lol , are u sure that u are really a youtuber? lol as for me a lot of those that i use to follow say completely the other way around lol and many contents are being banned and videos blocked for arbitrary “robot-propelled” decisions … As for me i do not know how arbitrary can be taken out other this is robot or human beings but for social reasons, no matter what , even if u were true, i would prefer to face arbitrary things from human beings than robots , now, u may feel another way , this is fine, i just cannot agree …

yeah u are right , there is much investment of work , time and efforts for most of the authors, rejections are never easy to accept as regard to this but as i told u between the subjective part and the fact that u cannot change anything, the best thing for u to do is to try to find a place for u to post your items and get money out of the work u made , this is much more profitable than this thread indeed. Thank u also for th conversation. wish u the very best for the future. have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Same for reviewers! right ? so they should let us upload whatever we want, but this must come with a price to not saturate the market with low quality projects, and I’m ready to pay this price and be responsible for my sales taking the risk, this is the point.

who approved this great quantity of things? reviewers :sweat_smile: so they approve similer projects and reject different ones?!

you tell me https://www.youtube.com/user/Egyptoon
what do you think ?

that was my opinion until i tried humans recently with new YouTube policy :sweat_smile: believe me, the artificial stupidity is better than human subjectivity, now I’m begging them to return robots again, please bring me back my lovely stupid robot, i can deal with it :sweat_smile: :pray:

again, i was thinking like you until YouTube human reviewers turned me into antisocial humanophobic being

This is a capitalism failure that will end the world soon “apocalypse” (i end up find my self talking about politics and science fiction here :sweat_smile: )

Frankly this thread is emotional, i can’t find the right words in English, i’m just writing this to discharge my feelings to not be suffocated with it. may be to make some one like you hear me, honestly this makes me feel better to have this discussion with you, clearing my mind from negative thoughts, and i may delete the whole thread BUT some human being in Envato forum forces me to leave the post for 24 hours or so before deletion, :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

it was really so nice to have this conversation with you. :heart_eyes:

No wonder Youtube blocks your videos and considers you spam. I found way too many Egyptoon channels.

1- you are right, there are so many Egyptoon channels on youtube but please just take a moment and check which one has the verification badge, and which one has almost 3 million subscribers please, :sweat_smile:
of course because we are one of the biggest and most famous channels so many other people tried to impersonate us

2- the rejection is not related to spamming, YouTube team knows I’m the original one.

3- if you have time please check every channel creation date and compare it with our original one

I don’t understand the videos but I like the animations. You should report each channel that copy your content or your channel.

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Thank you very much for your opinion :heart:, reporting all these channels is almost impossible, so we set up our policy to get revenue from views they made as we have Content ID features.

I don’t know how Youtube operate in Egypt but in my country there is a local YT office and reporting copyright infringements or other abuses it’s very easy. I saw videos or entire channels deleted in hours.

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Our government closed the YT office in Egypt! don’t know why, so they traveled to UAE, i still have contact with a partner manager there, but impersonation isn’t a big problem to us, we get revenue from all the re-uploaded content, and we are the only verified channel.

I didn’t notice this reply till now, i read the post and found nothing wrong with it to be unlisted or flagged!
who flagged this and why?!
the post isn’t meant to be offensive or disrespect for anyone! i feel your frustrations too, and I’ve the same suggestions for a better way of clarifying rejection reasons based on a guide line or something , simply if i get a very short reply from the reviewer in just clear direct points it’ll be a great help for me in my next submissions. for example :-
1- the style is outdated.
2- the resolution is very low, artwork is pixelated.
3- the project didn’t open correctly on adobe CC 2020.
4- colors are too saturated, scenes are too dark, logo didn’t appear clearly, scenes are too short / long
5- the video preview not showing the project features.
6- the performance of the project on the software is very poor, render takes a lot of time
Not necessary to get 5 or 6 points, only one point will help us all understand that we did wrong to avoid it in our next submissions.
but “Not at the quality standards” is a very generic answer and i really don’t understand it.

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I’ve read your post and all the comments, I feel your frustration totally. All you said makes perfect sense, and it applies not only to Envato, but many other graphic design markets.

I don’t want to write an extensive reply, ot to vent my own frustration by bringing my own examples, but I can summarise it quickly with some points:

  • It’s a private company as it was mentioned before, they can do whatever they want
  • they’re not the only ones, there are many platforms, all similar, profit oriented
  • they DON’T CARE about you, me, or any other designer
  • the only thing they care about it profit
  • sometimes they pretend they care, improve this and that, but only to make more profit
  • you need to bring them the best work, so they can take 50% of your profit and make profit
  • profit is the only thing they care about, and the only thing they care about is profit
  • they’re not going to give you any meaningful feedback on anything, because - you’re nobody to them, and they don’t care about you or your feelings, designers are not humans to them, but avatars that fuel their business
  • it will never change, because capitalism will not allow it to change

And all this, makes me sad. Really, really sad. :pensive:

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